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Vietnam’s Best Honeymoon Destinations

Vietnam’s Best Honeymoon Destinations

Last update: 28-07-2014 22:10:02

There are many spectacular locations to visit in Vietnam, but which are the most romantic, and the most suitable for a honeymooning couple? From resort-style accommodation to a quiet town or beach aware from the popular tourist areas,Vietnam has plenty to offer newlyweds looking for a romantic honeymoon destination.

Da Lat

Da Lat (or Dalat) is considered by many to be a traditional choice for honeymooning Vietnamese couples, and there are certainly many elements that make it a wonderfully romantic destination. Attractions in the town—which was once known as La Petite Paris—include several flower gardens that are nothing short of spectacular, including an amazing orchid garden, and a biennial flower festival, along with scenic locations such as the Lake of Sighs, and the Valley of Love. It’s a beautiful place, and is definitely a must-visit for international honeymooners who find themselves in the area.

Con Dao Island

Con Dao Island is one of the most beautiful beach getaways in Vietnam, a remote island location that is largely undeveloped in comparison to the country’s main tourist centers. Con Dao is part of a 16-island archipelago, more than 80% of which is part of Con Dao National Park—lush tropical jungle, pristine beaches clear water, and incredible coral reefs. For newlyweds who want to spend their honeymoon in a romantic location that’s a little off the beaten path, but still provides all the necessities, this is the place to go.

Vietnam has become such a popular tourist destination that it’s easy to find flights there from most of the world’s main air travel centers, with several different carriers. The country’s main centers are well-serviced, and from cities like Ho Chi Minh or Hanoi there are plenty of options for transport to your chosen honeymoon location. Most locations can be reached by air, or by a combination of air and sea or land transport. Another wonderful vacation option, especially for a newly-wed couple, is a cruise around the South China Sea, with stops in Ho Chi Minh, Da Nang, and Hanoi. Most cruise companies now offer couples the opportunity to get married on board, and even provide a range of wedding services. After the cruise is over, there’s the option for honeymoon time in one of the many ideal locations Vietnam has to offer, from fabulous resorts in Halong Bay, to the quiet splendor of Con Dao Island,Hue, or Halong.

Halong City and Bay

There are less than 1,000 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, and Halong Bay, located near Halong City, is one of them. In English, Halong Bay translates to Bay of the Descending Dragon, or “Where the dragon descends into the sea”, a suitably impressive name for such a magnificent place—an enormous bay in which are scattered more than 1,600 limestone cliff islands. It would be easy to spend weeks exploring the coastline and the bay, but Halong City provides many other attractions as well, including fantastic places to eat, shop, and soak up the atmosphere.


The former capital of Vietnam, Hué is situated along the north bank of the river Song Huong—in English, the Perfume River. It’s a place that is very rich in historic treasures, which includes another of Vietnam’s UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the complex of Hué monuments. The monuments were built over a period of hundreds of years, and include a citadel, royal tombs, a temple, an arena, and the Esplanade of Nam Giao, a series of open-air terraces surrounded by immense stone walls. These structures are impressive enough on land, but they’re even more amazing when viewed from while taking a boat trip on the river. Hué is the ideal choice for newlyweds who are interested in spending time in one of the country’s major cities, while still enjoying a quiet and relaxed honeymoon atmosphere.

Phu Quoc Island

Nothing less than an island paradise, Phu Quoc is another fantastic option for newlyweds looking for a romantic tropical beach-style honeymoon. It’s less than an hour by air from Ho Chi Minh City, but its tranquility is virtually unmatched, and although it’s become a more popular tourist destination over the last decade, there are still long stretches of quiet sands where newlyweds can get away from it all. The island’s beautiful beaches and clear waters are perfect for swimming, snorkeling, and scuba diving, and on land, there are quiet villages to visit, and bustling open-air markets. Along with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, there are plenty of quiet places to enjoy a meal, or the romance of an evening drink while watching the spectacular sunset.

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