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Halong Bay Cruises
Why is it so expensive for one person to travel alone with the cruise?
Do cruise itinerary offer activities for kids?
Who do we join with on cruises?
What can we do in the evening?
Do I have to participate in the cruise's organized activities?
Are there laundry services on board?
Are cruises suitable for children?
Are there non-smoking areas on cruises?
Can I go onboard a cruise if I'm pregnant?
Is cruising right for honeymooners?
Are the cruise itineraries subject to change?
Are the cruise itineraries subject to change?
Am I best to book early?
What about seasickness on boat?
How many caves in Halong can we visit?
What to bring for a cruise in Halong Bay?
How far is that from Hanoi to Ha Long Bay?
Is cruising affordable and a good vacation value?
Are there different classes of service?
How many people can I put in one cabin?
Should I tip my crew members, tour guide or driver?
Can we celebrate a "special" day?
Can I book for a group, wedding, or other special occasion?
If I'm single, do I have to share a cabin?
What kind of food on boats in Halong Bay?
Do cruises have life jackets on boats?
Where do the boats anchor at night time?
When is the best time to visit Halong Bay?