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How to pay by credit card via
How can I know that your travel agents' registration number is genuine?
How to book a tour, services with you?
What payment methods do you accept?
Do I need to pay the deposit?
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What are the World Heritages in Vietnam?
Why is it so expensive for one person to travel alone with the cruise?
Are there any restrictions on photography in Vietnam?
Can I buy antiques in Vietnam?
How can I take large items home with me – furniture or paintings, for example?
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When will my reservation be confirmed?
Once I make a hotel or cruise reservation, will I receive any written confirmation from the hotel or the cruise?
Is it safe to book a cruise online with you?
Payment gateway?
Do I need to pay the deposit?
How much do I need to deposit?
When is my final payment due?
How can I trust in One Pay System?
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How about the Credit Cards Refunds?
How to make a cancellation? And will I be charged when I cancel my booking?
How do I know my booking has been canceled?
Where do I find the cancellation policy of a tour?
I'm from the United States. Will I face any hostility because of the war?
What if we have small children traveling with us?
Disabled people traveling with wheel chair?
What about disabled and pregnant tourists?
Can I change my tour details after confirmation?
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Preferred hotel not available?
Free Time during Vietnam tour?
Ability of the tour guide?
Do we have to tip?
Beach break while in South Vietnam?
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Why is it so expensive for one person to travel alone with the cruise?
Do cruise itinerary offer activities for kids?
Who do we join with on cruises?
What can we do in the evening?
Do I have to participate in the cruise's organized activities?
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What’s the best time to visit Mekong Delta?
What’s about malaria risk in Mekong delta?
Could you suggest us a homestay in Mekong Delta?
Can you arrange bike or motorbike rental for us in Mekong Delta?
How many people can I put in one cabin?
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What is Single room?
What is Twin room?
What is Double room?
What is Triple Room?
What is ROH?
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